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“A horseback rider gets on the horse for the ride, a Jockey gets on the horse to drive it to the finish line.”

Mike Hagerthy


As portfolio company managers drive your investment to the liquidity event ‘finish line’, they need to build their team with Jockeys, not horseback riders. Hiring key executives who are engaged and motivated to reach their goals will build value in your companies faster. Let’s face it, you don’t hire people to come in and do things, you hire them to them to accomplish things.


Hagerthy & Co utilizes our success-driven search methodology, which is

designed to define, source, assess and verify which candidates are Jockeys

and which ones just want to go along for the ride. Our process is designed

to attract the top quartile talent who will be key to helping you maximize

value and drive your portfolio company towards the liquidity event.



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For information email mike@hagnco.com or call Mike Hagerthy at (310) 684-3550.


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