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Because of Mike’s career as a successful executive recruiter and entrepreneur, he is a sought after speaker. He has spoken to numerous business associations, management teams and executive forums. He’s an engaging speaker whose early career includes acting in over 300 live stage performances as well as appearing in several television shows and movies. Mike’s programs can be tailored for a variety of venues such as:


                                  Management Team Meetings                                Management Retreats


                                  Client Appreciation Meetings                         Business Organization Meetings


                                  Industry Association Meetings                          Conference Breakout Session



“Mike’s talk engaged our members and they left with valuable tips on how to do a better job of attracting and hiring top talent. He delivers a valuable message in a straightforward style. I would highly recommend him to other business organizations or industry associations.”--Michael Welch, Chairman of the South Bay Chapter – FENG (Financial Executives Network Group)



“Mike gave a talk about the five hiring mistakes managers make – and it was one of the most compelling speeches I’ve ever heard. While this may be due to the fact that I’ve made most of them multiple times, it is more a testament to the fact that he knows how to capture ideas and make them compelling and easy to understand. He also made it even more interesting by reversing the approach and talking about the mistakes job candidates make – which everyone can relate to at some point (or points!) in their lives. Very memorable and useful information!”—Bill Keenan, President of Keen CFO's.



Executive Briefings


The following are one-hour, complimentary, Executive Briefings that can be delivered to your business group, association or management team.


You’re Not the Person I Hired! The Five BIG Hiring Mistakes Most Companies Make and How to Avoid Them.

Studies show that up to 56% of new executives fail to meet expectations in the first 12-18 months of hire. * That’s right, 56% fail to achieve success in their new role. They fail to hit the sales targets, are late on product introductions, don’t improve quality standards, don’t build effective teams or don’t improve financial controls. Why? Mike will review the top 5 mistakes and how to avoid them. You’ll take away:


“Bring us your tired, your poor…” is Not a Sourcing Strategy to Find Top Talent for Your Company!

Looking for people to help your company grown and all you’re finding are “tired” candidates who need a job? Finding top talent is one of the most painful and frustrating aspects of hiring for most companies. Regardless of whether the economy is going straight up, sideways, or down, finding the best candidates and getting them interested in your opportunity is the core of good sourcing strategy.


In this hour you will learn:


Do you really think Tom Cruz can fly a fighter jet? No, but he knows his lines and can make you believe he can. Traditional interviews are really designed to find the best ‘actor’ not the best candidate. The candidates know the questions they’re going to get and they’ve got their “lines” memorized. The interviewer goes line by line thru the resume, asks superficial questions, accepts superficial answers and if and if everyone “likes” the candidate they get hired. The best ‘actor’ gets the part. Before you let a candidate get behind the controls of your ‘$100 million fighter jet’, put them in a flight simulator, that’s what a good probing interview should do..


In less than an hour your will hear answers to the questions:

If you’d like all of your hiring managers to be better interviewers, book this talk on advanced interviewing techniques.


How to Hire “Jockeys” in Your Portfolio Companies





Most companies don’t have to operate with a “finish line” in mind. Portfolio companies, however, do. Their management teams have to be like jockeys and drive the company to the liquidity event finish line. According to surveys, 56%

of all new executive hires fail to meet expectations in the first year. That is like taking two steps forward,

and one step back. Portfolio companies can’t afford to hire executives who are “slow getting out of the gate.”


In this executive briefing you will learn how to::


For information about booking any of these briefings e-mail: mike@hagnco.com or call him at (310) 265-4406


* From the book “You’re Not the Person I Hired! A CEO’s Survival Guide to Hiring Top Talent” by Janet Boydell, Barry Deutsch and Brad Remillard


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How to Avoid Hiring “Tom Cruz”- Making Your Hiring Managers Better Interviewers.