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Management Team Hiring Clinics


One bad hire can cost your company tens of thousands of dollars. Failure and under performance strip time, resources, and profits from the bottom line. Multiply that by the number of hiring managers in your organization, and you’ll realize that hiring may be one of the riskiest and costliest processes in the entire enterprise.


This clinic is conducted in half or full day sessions with up to 30 hiring managers. Your team will learn how to define top talent, fish in deep waters for the best candidates, interviewing skills that separate those that embellish from those that can deliver the results you desire and an assessment process that will validate what the candidate tells you they really did do!


"Mike puts on a very interesting and informative program. I think my hiring managers learned more about hiring in a few hours with Mike than they ever had before. His Success Factor Methodology is simple, concise and effective. It's helping us with every hire we make." --Chuck Peterson, Chief Financial Officer, The Winsford Corporation


Our half-Day program


In this information-packed interactive format, our expert trainers cover the fundamentals of transforming your hiring process. This includes:







All participants will receive with the class:






The full-day program


A full-day training gives participants hands-on experience putting the concepts of the half-day program into practice. We work with breakout groups doing realistic exercises, role plays, and concrete group activities to embed the learning and start building skills.


As a follow-up to personal training, we recommend that our training clients furnish participants with copies of our Success Factor Methodology Desktop Guide. This easy-to-follow guide will reinforce training takeaways and actually provides them questions to conduct an in-depth interview every time a new position needs to be filled.


Our 100% Training Satisfaction Guarantee


If you implement what we teach in our half-day or full-day training and your hiring accuracy does not dramatically improve in the following year, we will refund 100% of the cost of the seminar.

To book a Hiring Clinic contact Mike Hagerthy at mike@hagnco.com.  



For information email mike@hagnco.com or call Mike Hagerthy at (310) 684-3550.


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