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Executive Search Services


Hagerthy & Co is a retained executive search firm that specializes in the unique recruiting requirements of middle and lower-middle market companies.  We are not in the “match making” business, we are in the “problem solving” business.  Our recruiting process will help you define expectations, source top candidates, assess their ability to deliver, and verify their previous success.  In short, it is designed to find candidates who will deliver the results you need, not simply ‘fit in’



Our Five Step Methodology


1. Define Success. To attract the top talent who will be successful in your company, you have to define what success looks like for this position. Using our SOAR method, we will work with you to determine the top 3-6 goals that must be achieved by the new executive. These goals are tied to the company’s operating plan and helps ensure that the CEO and other senior managers achieve their goals. Clearly defining what the new executive must achieve during the first 12-18 months dramatically increases hiring accuracy.

2. Sourcing Strategies. Following your competitors rarely gets you ahead of them. We will develop a sourcing strategy that will deliver candidates from inside and outside your industry to find the ones most likely to be successful at your company.

3. Identify and Verify Success Prospects. Using our success based interview process we will probe each candidate for the 5 key predictors of success. We will put each of their accomplishments under the microscope to determine if they have had like accomplishments to the goals you need achieved.

4. Candidate Profiles and Success Driven Interviews. The strong candidates’ qualifications, assessments and résumé’s are standardized and summarized, along with our Eight-Dimension Success form.  This reveals each candidate’s unique value, strengths and points that may need to be overcome to ensure a successful hire. In addition, we provide you with our Eight-Dimension Success* form that will help your hiring team separate the best performers from the best interviewers. Using this form as a guide focuses your hiring managers on the key requirements of the job, allows them to make a standardized comparison of each candidate and helps them to ‘put the candidate in the job’ before you hire them.

5. Negotiate, Validate and Verify. Once a final candidate is selected, we help negotiate compensation and benefits. Then we perform deep reference and background checks that validate and verify that the candidate achieved what they claim in their resume.




Fee Structure

Consistent with the standards of the executive search industry, our professional fee is based on service and is typically one-third of the final candidate’s estimated first year’s total cash compensation, including base salary and bonuses. In addition, we are reimbursed for actual, reasonable out-of -pocket expenses without mark-up. There are no charges for “other administrative expenses” which other search firms charge as an additional 5%-10% of the fee. Hagerthy & Co. works on a milestone billing basis where we only bill after we have achieved the agreed upon milestone. A typical billing  structure would be:











Milestone Billing

Billed at the introduction of qualified candidates (Usually between 4 and 6 weeks)


Billed at onset of work.

Billed at the successful completion of the search. Due upon the candidate’s first day of employment