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The Five BIG Hiring Mistakes Most Companies Make  and How to Avoid them   Attracting and hiring top quartile talent is not easy. Here are the top five mistakes companies most companies make in the process and some tips on how you can avoid them.


Need a Speaker for Your Business Organization?  Mike is a sought after speaker.  He does one hour complimentary briefings for management team meetings, industry associations, and other business organizations.  His topics include interviewing, candidate sourcing, and special topics for private equity firms.  Read more about his briefings and how to book Mike for your next business meeting.


Community Involvement - The Hagerthy & Co Team has raised thousands of dollars to fight leukemia, lymphoma and AIDS.  Click here to read more about the AIDS Life Cycle Ride and the Leukemia/Lymphoma Marathons we’ve participated in.  


5 BIG Mistakes Companies Make When Choosing an Executive Recruiter. The results of a recent survey lay out the common mistakes and myths around hiring an executive recruiter.


6 Things to Know Before Hiring an Interim Executive.  In this economy, you may be thinking about bringing on an interim executive to fill a gap, help in a turnaround or manage a project.   Click here for tips on how to avoid the common mistakes companies make when recruiting an interim executive.


How to find executives who can build enterprise value in a slow growth economy…  The CFO   The election has come and gone and the “fiscal cliff” is looming.  It doesn’t appear we can expect a “rising tide” to help raise all businesses for a while. Winners and losers will be determined by the strength of the management teams.  It’s time for boards and companies to look at the teams they have and ask:



Complimentary Hiring Process Assessment  “About half our products work fine”…You would never expect to hear statements like that about a company’s business systems. We just don’t tolerate a 50/50 hit rate. But when it comes to hiring, surveys consistently show that about 50% of new hires fail to meet expectations in the first year. Why?

Hagerthy and Co. is your hiring partner. We are an executive search firm that produces top quartile candidates for your senior positions and we work with you to develop an internal hiring process that will consistently bring you excellent people throughout your organization.  

Our services include retained executive search, interim executive search, training and consulting. We help our clients hire top quartile talent using a unique recruiting methodology that insures our clients hire candidates who will accomplish the results they need, whether the executive is there on a full time or interim basis.

Through our Hiring Clinics and executive briefings we train hiring managers in the Success Factor Methodology ™, a systematic and rigorous hiring process designed to help companies attract and retain top quartile talent.


In a recent survey among 425 CEO’s and Senior Executives they identified the top mistakes and false assumptions companies made when choosing a recruiter to fill critical positions.  Read about the top mistakes by clicking here.